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Bangladesh and India will face each other in a World Cup qualifier on Monday. The match will start at 8 pm Bangladesh time at the Jasim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Earlier, Bangladesh and India last met at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. In that match of 2019, even though Bangladesh was ahead in the game, it finally drew with India and left the field.

However, the reaction of the Bangladesh fans on social media at the end of the match, it seems that most of them were satisfied with their team’s game. There was a reason for this – India is far ahead of Bangladesh in terms of ranking! So a draw with such a team also gave relief to Bangladesh.

Saad Uddin, the goalscorer of that match, became a star after returning to the country.

Performance calculation of last 20 years

A look at the performance of the last 20 years shows that Bangladesh has never been able to overtake India in the FIFA rankings. But the gap was short; For example, in 1999, Bangladesh was ranked 130th, while India was ranked 108th.

But now Bangladesh is in 164th place, and India is in 105th place.

Long term plan

India has a long-term plan to strengthen its position in Asian football. One of the aspects of the work of the All India Football Federation is to bring footballers from the grassroots.

Bangladesh football analyst and former player Dalia Akhter recently visited India to get acquainted with the country’s football culture. There he saw that the academies that exist at the state level in India have teams of different levels.

“They have everything from age-based teams to professional teams. They play football at different levels and those who perform well come to the attention of the center.

According to Dalia Akhter, the foundation that a footballer needs to build to the highest level has been laid by India and it is now the main strength of Indian football.

Kolkata-based sports journalist Jayant Chakraborty spoke in much the same tone. According to him, the Football Federation of India started the process of making footballers from a very young age.

“From a very young age, the baby is brought into the process. He is raised as a footballer so that he can grow up meditating on football.

A very surprising thing has also been noticed “- Mr. Chakraborty further told BBC Bangla, pointing out that the hilly region has more players in the Indian team.

According to him, the Indian team is dominated by hill boys because of their high performance. Growing up in a mountainous environment makes them more physically fit, so they can work continuously for a long time.

Appropriate football league:

Yammum Tomba, a regular spectator of Bangladesh football, has been following the game for almost 25 years. When the league was popular in the nineties, there were a lot of spectators in Bangladesh’s domestic football, he went there with fond memories.

“The current state of the domestic league is no longer what it used to be. That’s why I now watch the Champions League, English League, and La Liga. I used to watch domestic football in Bangladesh.

Yammum Tomba, a resident of Srimangal, points out that the lack of a sufficient number of football fields in the domestic league is one of the reasons why this article is lagging behind in Bangladesh.

“You see if every club doesn’t have a separate field if there is no field in the area, how can there be competitive professional football?” – He threw the question. According to him, if a team has its own field, the team’s supporters will come to that field, create excitement on the day of the game, and “thus create a different passion for the game.

The old supporter insisted on organizing the league every year and more matches on the field.

But the picture in India is completely different. Football is played there all year round. Competitions are organized at various stages.

Strategic reasons for changes in rankings

Mamun Hossain is a Bangladeshi football analyst who has observed the changes of teams in South Asian football over the past decade. According to him, regular match play is behind India’s improvement in the rankings.

“Their former coach, Constantine, has played a variety of international friendly matches for three years in a row since his arrival.

India has not lost a match in two and a half years since 2016.

India played the match as planned, it was the plan of the previous coach.

india has reached 100 or so as a result of playing a drawn match with a team close to itself,said Mamun Hossain.

Staying busy all year with the game

Almost every year, one of the promises of the Bangladesh Football Federation is to create a complete football calendar. However, talking to the people involved in the game, the real picture is that most of the football players in Bangladesh do not know when the league starts and when it ends.

As a result, it has a negative impact on one’s professionalism. Many of the players look for alternative income outside of football, because they are not sure if the league will last, or if clubs will invest in it.

But Dahlia Akhter sees the picture in India as different, she has seen the football field there all year round.

In India, there are two competitions, the Indian League and the Indian Super League, where international, especially young, and sometimes a little older, international footballers are brought in from around the world. They play with Indian footballers.

The popularity of football as a sport

If there is a game with India or if Huthat Bangladesh wins one or two matches, then there is some talk about Bangladesh football through social media or among sports fans.

But at other times cricket is the only sport in Bangladesh.

According to analysts, the reason is performance. At the international level, cricketers like Shakib Al Hasan or Mashrafe Mortaza have achieved stardom, there is no Bangladeshi footballer who is discussed in other countries.

Bangladesh football does not have a very proud achievement, so the fans are often disappointed with this team. On the other hand, the picture of Indian football is a bit different – there are star footballers like Sunil Chhetri, who is one of the top scorers in international football.

However, in the last 12 years, Bangladesh has not lost to India in any match. At that time, Bangladesh and India had faced each other in three matches, and all these three matches have been drawn.

Dalia Akhter said, however, the field is not always judged by ranking. Bangladesh players feel a little more competitive in any level match with India.


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