Tensions between India and China are high in Ladakh.

Tensions have risen since 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a recent clash between the two countries’ armies.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a stern warning against China.
In such a situation, the war experts are keeping a close eye on these two nuclear-armed countries.
If a war breaks out between the two countries over this incident, who will win – India or China? Various calculations about this.
Various analyzes. Because China is far ahead of India in terms of military spending.


China’s annual military spending is ৬ 26.1 billion.
On the other hand, India ranks third in this regard.
That means India is one step below China.
India’s annual military budget is ১ 81.1 billion.
According to Business Insider, China ranks third in terms of warplane power.
They have 3210 warplanes. In this case, too, India’s position is one step below that of China – fourth. India has 2123 warplanes.
In the meantime, India’s DRDO has tested its most destructive missile, the Prithvi-1. Its range is 150 kilometers. On the other hand

According to recent data, China has 10 times more rocket launchers than India.

According to recent data, China has 10 times more rocket launchers than India.
The number of such launchers in the hands of China is at least 2650. On the other hand, India has only 26. Compared to India, China has about three naval resources.
The number of such assets in China is 6. India, on the other hand, has 265. China has 64 submarines. India has 16. China has 36 destroyers. India has only 11.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Anandabazar newspaper published a report titled ‘International Report: Where India and China Lead in Power at the Line of Control’.

Ground forces

According to the Belfair report, India is able to deploy at least 225,000 troops along the Line of Control (LoC) to counter China. The number of troops in the Northern Command is about 34 thousand.
Of these, Ladakh has about 150 tanks of the T-72 Brigade and 3,000 troops. There are also soldiers from the 8th Mountain Division and the 3rd Infantry.
The Central Mountain Division has about 16,000 troops under Central Command. Indian Army has 9 mountain divas on the Chinese border under Eastern Command.

India vs China Air Force

Researchers claim that the Chinese Air Force is lagging behind the Indian Air Force in terms of numbers and quality in terms of actual control.
The actual Sino-Indian part of the LoC is under the control of China’s Western Military Command. According to the custom there, the air force is also part of that western command.
Under that command, there are 157 warplanes, drones capable of dropping bombs or attacks, drones. But a large part of it is reserved for Russia. In other words, if there is an attack from the Russian front, it is to prevent it


While not directly involved in the actual LoC battle, the Indian navy could also play a significant role in a frontal war with China. There are 137 warships and 291 aircraft under the Indian Navy. There are also nuclear-powered submarines. CNAS claims that the Chinese navy has recently been increasing its strength in the Indian Ocean. However, as a result of multiple agreements in the international arena, the Indian Navy has acquired the satellite imagery required to monitor the movement of any warship in the Indian Ocean.
As a result, the Indian Navy has a good presence in the Indian Ocean.

India and China are both nuclear powers

According to the Belfer Center, at least 104 Chinese nuclear warheads or missiles could hit different parts of the Indian subcontinent.
China has a wide range of missiles, from long-range to medium- and short-range land, from the sea to land, or from the sky.
On the other hand, India also has a range of missiles. But researchers claim that most of them are pro-Pakistan and locally close to Pakistan. Belfer’s report claims.


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