Technology has affected everything in our way of life, in our workplace, and even in our thinking. What is technology, what is the definition of technology? Technology is the use of knowledge, instruments, and systems that we use to make our lives easier.
The touch of this technology from state management to production process.
Now we are thinking of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, biotechnology.

Where there is no use of this technology. Admission to the field of education online, the results of any test, taking school classes online, emailing, even virtual office is now being done. Such as freelancing. Its impact on social life is even greater. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, we can exchange any kind of information, pictures, videos from one end of the world to the other in a matter of moments. Our life habits are now being controlled with this technology. Such as when to eat food.

So much for the use of some common technology. Now let’s talk a little bit about advancement. In advance, there are several technologies such as agricultural technology, biotechnology, information technology, manufacturing technology, micro and nanotechnology, aerospace technology, chemical technology, geographic information technology, naval technology, travel technology, engineering technology, environmental technology. Here I will discuss some of the technologies.

Agricultural Technology:

Using the GPS system a farmer can manage his land and grain production in a more precise way. The GPS system not only guides the farmer on when to spray, when to apply fertilizer but also ensures that no additional pesticides or fertilizers are applied or less. It is also used to accurately identify soil sampling on some agricultural lands. For example, a record is made by identifying which field is more infested with weeds, diseases, and insects, then controlling everything according to that record.


Biotechnology has been used in agriculture for a long time. Modern-day farmers are meeting the food needs of the growing population by selecting and using the best seeds to achieve maximum yields.

Before the advent of biotechnology, fertilizers were used to increase food grain production and pesticides were used to control weeds and pests. Later it was found that these pesticides not only destroyed the insects harmful to the crop but also started killing the beneficial animals.

These pesticides also posed a serious threat to the environment. Again it was seen that different types of weeds have spread on the food grains. Scientists later modified the genes of this grain. This means that this modified gene can fight weeds and insects on its own. Proteins from these genes can kill insects and weeds. It’s really wonderful.


What is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology The science of changing and controlling matter at the molecular level. On January 29, 1959, Richard Feynman first introduced the concept of nanotechnology at a meeting of the American Physical Society held at the California Institute of Technology. On November 9, 1969, on that day, it was possible for humans to make the first molecule at will.

It was on this day that the first man was able to break down the molecular structure of nature’s most important foundation. Many things can be done by making the structure of the molecule as desired. The door of a huge possibility was opened before the people. Coal is so cheap and diamonds are so expensive just because of the structural differences in the molecules. The main component of the two things is carbon.

Diamonds are the hardest material in the world and the shells of coal or pencil are softer just because of the difference in molecular structure.

One nanometer is one-hundredth of a meter. Objects of 1 to 100 nanometers are captured on the nanoscale. Nanotechnology will one day change the face of the world. Nanotechnology will be used to make a variety of composite materials and fibers that will be used in the construction industry. One day these nanorobots will spread many complex weapons in the human body.

For those of us who are using computers, nanotechnology is actually associated with these computers. The processor inside the computer, almost all of you know the name of the Intel processor, this processor has a number of tiny nanometer-scale circuits inside. And nanotechnology is being used in it. In Intel processors, the circuit is made by patterning on silicon. The first size of this processor was 100 nanometers.

In the next three years, its size has increased to 60 nanometers. And after seven years it has grown to 50 nanometers. In 2010, they brought 30 nanometers in size. Intel has announced that it will bring it to 8 nanometers in 2021. There is also a computer hard disk. The data storage capacity of this hard disk is increasing day by day. Now 8 terabyte hard disk is available in the market. But this matter was unimaginable even 10 years ago.

  • Where we stand today is the technology that we do not deny. New technology will come, we have to keep pace with the times.


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