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Hello, everyone. Many people were asking me to post something about league of legends hacks, So here I am posting a new and working cheat for LOL. Special thanks to my friend Rafapicadura#6545 for introducing me to the hack its a perfect cheat with many features.

I will clearly tell you how to use it and everything, but please don’t abuse this cheat. Just use it for fun. If you don’t know how to cheat in games and are new to everything, please stop here and don’t use it because there is a risk of getting banned.

League of Legends Hack Features:


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Lol Radar Hack:

Radar hacks are handy in a game like League of Legends because they can quickly tell you the enemy location to prepare for your move way before the enemy planned his, which gives you a significant advantage in the game.

LoL Skin Changer:

Skin Changer is basically a widespread thing to use. Many people use it in many games because it gives you no advantage, but it will make ur game looks fantastic with those expensive skins in lol, and you can use all lol skins for free.

Lol Auto farm:

The auto farm is a very cool thing in LOL because it can easily give you a fair advantage. You don’t have to worry about looting or upgrading your hero level. It will auto-do it.

LoL Auto Combos:
Auto combos is a very excellent script. You can easily use auto combos on an enemy. Lol auto combos hack is very cool. Many people are using it and gaining high advantages.

Are There Cheats for League of Legends?

Yes, there are scripts that you can use to automate actions, such as abilities and last hitting and there are hacks that allow you to change your UI, Camera and similar features. There are also some rare bots that can level up accounts for you and farm RP slowly, but those often get reported and banned. However, there are NO RP or IP Generators or similar.

League of Legends Cheats

Cheats for League of Legends in essence include any and all methods, techniques or software that can help you to perform better in ranked matches, level up faster, grind more IP or play more efficiently. Cheats can either be achieved manually or using software, such as hacks, jungle timers, counter tools or even bots. The most commonly used kind of cheat in League of Legends are Zoom Hacks that allow you to customize your camera view and Jungle Timers that allow you to accurately keep track of the spawn time on jungle creeps. Less popular, but more effective: Key combo bots are used to unleash spell combinations, aiming skill shots, automatically smite and ignite an a lot more. Keystroke bots are probably the most effective kind of cheating software for LoL out there at the moment when it comes to performing better in ranked games.

Another very commonly used way of cheating is to use bots to either level up accounts or to automatically farm minions (last hitting bots), cast abilities and summoner spells, item actives ect. Such bots are called “scripts” and can do anything from automatically smiting monsters, using ignite, casting abilities if they are able to kill, dodge attacks, use items like zhonya’s hourglass, Bork, ect. Scripts are currently the most powerful cheat for League of Legends.


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