Pokemon Red is the partner game released with Blue back in 1996. These two games are the ones that started the whole craze. It was released for the original Gameboy, but you can also play it for the Gameboy Color and Advance.

That being said, we always want to have some cheats on this game like our Pokemon Blue cheats. Here are just a few cheats you can use for your Pokemon Red gaming experience.

When it comes to using the cheats, you just activate the emulator’s cheat option. If you are using an actual Gameboy device, you would need to use the Gameshark adapter since the codes are all in for this system. Just enter the code, enable it, and you’re ready to go.

If the code doesn’t work, then that could mean that the emulator is the problem or you just placed the wrong code. If you do everything correctly, then you can use our Pokemon Red cheats to the fullest.

Pokemon Red GameShark Cheat Codes

Buy any itemWild Pokemon modifierEnemy Pokemon level modifierEnemy Pokemon begins with a BRN StatusEnemy Pokemon begins knocked outUnlimited HP

Cheat codes can be good, but there are also glitches that you can perform in case you have no way of inputting codes on your system. Just keep in mind that some glitches may cause the game to crash.

Item duplication Glitch

This method allows you to duplicate items. The method uses the MissingNo. glitch but be careful not to catch them because they can crash the game. You also need to have Pokemon that have Fly and Surf. Plus, you also need to have access to the Seafoam Islands at this point.

This is an excellent glitch to use when you want to duplicate Master Balls, Rare Candies, and Gold Nuggets.


  • Place the item that you want to duplicate in the sixth slot of your inventory.
  • Talk to the old man again in Viridian City and witness how he catches the Pokemon.
  • Fly to the Seafoam Islands and Surf in the water once again.
  • Encounter a MissingNo. but don’t catch it and just run away or you can defeat it.
  • After the battle, the item in the sixth slot will be multiplied and if you did it right, you just need to do it once.

Catching Mewtwo early Glitch

This is a very long method and the legendary Mew can be caught by this but before we head to the method, there are things that you need to remember.

Important things to keep in mind

  • You need Pokemon that have Fly and Cut.
  • Don’t battle the Youngster trainer with the level 17 Slowpoke in Route 25.
  • Don’t battle the Gambler trainer with two Poliwags and a Poliwhirl in Route 8.


  • Head to Route 8 where the Gambler is located.
  • Stand in front of the door of the Underground Path but don’t let the Gambler see you.
  • This is the hard part, you have to wait for the Gambler to look at you and before he sees you where the ! sign pops up, press the start button and Fly away to Cerulean City.
  • Head to Route 25 where the Youngster trainer with the level 17 Slowpoke is.
  • If you did the Gambler timing correctly, you will notice that you cannot open the menu which means you did it correctly.
  • Defeat the Youngster trainer and you can open the menu again.
  • Fly back to Lavender Town and head to Route 8.
  • Walk down the narrow path and the menu will pop up automatically.
  • Simply exit the menu and the Mew will appear in the form of a battle.
  • The Mew is around level 7 so you can capture it when you have Great Balls and even a Master Ball if you’re that eager to catch it.

This glitch can be hard to pull out but if you time everything correctly then you’ll be good to go.

Were our Pokemon Red cheats guide helpful? We have more cheats for you to scour and there could be more Pokemon Red cheats out there that you can use.


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